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Welcome to

Mendham Cooperative Nursery School

Educating Our Future, Together. 

Programs at a Glance

2-year-old Class

Builds a foundation of educational and social principles including colors, shapes, and structured play.

3-year-old Class

Expands learning with foundational concepts including numbers, directions, personal hygiene, and working within a group environment. 

4-year-old Class

Focuses on preparation for entrance to Kindergarten by teaching relationships between numbers, letters, and colors. Individualized learning is emphasized to a greater extent.

Busy Bee Extended Day Enrichment Classes

Enhance creativity and imagination with a variety of hands-on learning experiences.


What is a Cooperative Preschool?

Our cooperative preschool is all about community.  During the course of each school year, our school's director, teachers, and parents come together to make our school a truly special place. When you enroll in our cooperative preschool, you become a member of this warm, welcoming, and productive community, and it is our hope that you will desire to participate as much as your time allows.


In conjunction with our director, the Mendham Co-op is administered and maintained by parents as a non-sectarian, not-for-profit institution. While our director oversees the curriculum and day-to-day operations of our school, the board of directors is comprised of volunteer parents who make essential decisions about finances, long-range planning, staffing, and more. By nature of this collaborative work, our community is stronger, together. We are proud of the nurturing, stimulating educational environment that has been created at our cooperative school, and we invite you to come see for yourselves by arranging a tour with our director.

What Parents Think

"The Mendham Co-op provided a wonderfully balanced education experience for my daughter."

Parent of a Co-op Graduate

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