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Comprehensive Early Education

Two-Year-Old Class

The two-year-old class starts the process of setting a strong learning foundation through organized activities. Only two days per week, your child will not be overwhelmed with his or her new environment, and through the cooperative advantage, parents are more involved with the transition. The two-year-old curriculum focuses on structured play, instructional listening, and cognitive coordination.

Three-Year-Old Class

Three days per week, the three-year-old class continues to build learning foundations with colors, shapes, and numbers. Learners will develop personal habits such as listening to instruction, working within a group structure, developing independence, and feeling a sense of achievement. The three-year-old curriculum focuses on structured group play, instructional learning, and task orientation.


Four-Year-Old Class

Expanding to four or five days per week, the four-year-old class prepares our oldest learners for Kindergarten. Students learn the relationship of letters to words and numbers as they begin to understand how to read and count. Learning directions, days of the week, seasons, and general science will help the child gain an understanding of the world around them in an approachable way. The four-year-old curriculum focuses on read aloud, letters, tangible science concepts, and personal hygiene.

Enrichment Programs

These classes take subjects such as art, math, engineering, and zoology, and build a creative world around them to enhance your child's learning experience and imagination. The classes provide parents with a curated approach to subject matter that will keep their children engaged in learning - and they are really fun!

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